Measures for the Administration of Use of Organic Certification Certificates and Certification Marks

1 purpose

These measures are formulated for the purpose of ensuring the rights and interests of companies and licensee organizations from being damaged, mutually restraining, maintaining the authority of the national certification of organic products, and preventing the misuse and misappropriation of certification certificates and marks of organic products.

2 Scope of application

These Measures are applicable to the management of organic product certification certificates and certification marks of companies.

3 Management Provisions

3.1 Organic certification certificate

3.1.1 Organic product certification certificate can be used for advertising, trade fairs or promotion of products for publicity and display.

3.1.2 The certification certificate of the certified enterprise is not allowed to be transferred, sold or borrowed in any way to prevent incorrect use, including false statement of the certification and misuse of the mark, which may lead to suspension or revocation of the certification qualification. Accreditation agencies should actively investigate fraud and grow their knowledge through it.

3.1.3 No matter what the reason, as long as the licensee stops paying the relevant fees or is suspended, cancelled or retracted the certification certificate, shall stop the use of the certification certificate and marks.

3.2 Use of certification mark

3.2.1 The certification mark of organic products shall be affixed to the product or its package to advertise that the product is organic.

3.2.2 The products that have obtained the certification certificate of organic conversion products can only be sold as conventional products and shall not use the organic product certification mark and relevant text description.

3.2.3 & other; Organic & throughout; Terms or other words, patterns, symbols, and China Organic Product Certification Markings indirectly implied as organic products shall only apply to organic products produced and processed in accordance with the requirements of GB/T 19630.1, GB/T 19630.2 and GB/T 19630.4 that have been certified, unless ldquo; Organic & throughout; The meaning of the statement has nothing to do with GB/T19630-2011 "Organic Products" standard.

3.2.4 & other; Organic & throughout; , & other Organic Products ” Applicable to certified organic products only. Consumers should not be misled into using conventional products as organic products.

3.2.5 Conditions of use The certified organic product enterprises shall sign the Agreement on the Use of the Certification Mark with CHTC and accept CHTC's supervision over the use of the certification mark. The minimum sales package of the certified products shall be affixed with the China Organic Product Certification Mark and its unique code (the code shall be indicated before “ Organic code & throughout; The name of the certification body or its identity. Certified organic products enterprises shall establish a certification mark use system and carefully fill in the use records. Holder of organic product certification certificate usually receives the certification mark once every six months, and shall, 15 days before receiving the mark, send the "Application Form for the Use of China Organic Mark" in duplicate to CHTC, and pay the mark fee. Under special circumstances, with the permission of CHTC, the certificate holder may also apply for the certification mark temporarily. The use of China Organic Product Mark must ensure that the product certification certificate is used within the period of validity, and the certificate is valid. If the certification certificate or the certified product is suspended, retracted, cancelled or invalidated, the China Organic Product Certification Mark shall not be used. were suspended when the certification organization certificate, certificate of production personnel shall be written notice to stop the use of certificates and certification marks, certification marks management personnel shall supervise the certification organization to stop using organic product certification certificate and mark, require companies to temporary storage warehouse in corresponding batch products with organic product certification marks; When the certificate of the certified organization is cancelled or revoked, the certificate production personnel should urge it to cancel and revoke the organic product certification certificate and the unused mark back to the certification body or destroy the remaining marks and the product packaging with the organic product certification mark under the supervision of the relevant personnel. If necessary, recall the corresponding batch of products with organic product certification mark.

3.3 The logo of the certification company is allowed to be used

3.3.1 The products can only be used if they have obtained the Organic Product Certification Certificate of Beijing Wuzhou Hengtong Certification Co., Ltd. Five Continents Hengtong & RDQuo; Authenticated words, or by “ Beijing Wuzhou Hengtong Certification Co., Ltd. Organic Product Certification With the words.

3.4 Control of incorrect use of certification licenses

3.4.1 If the certified organization does not intend to use the certification certificate and certification mark wrongly, it is required to provide written information, including the scope and impact of the misuse, the analysis of the reasons for the misuse, the corrective measures to be taken, and the preventive measures to prevent the recurrence of similar situations.

3.4.2 If any enterprise or product that has not obtained CHTC certification falsely publicizes our certification, it will be prosecuted for legal responsibility according to the circumstances.

Procedure of inquiry: fact-finding & RARR; Gather evidence & RARR; Transfer to the local two bureaus (technical supervision bureau, commodity inspection bureau, industrial and commercial bureau) and report the relevant situation to CNCA.

3.5 If found to affect the integrity of organic products, the certification certificate will be suspended, and the use of certification marks will be immediately stopped.

3.6 CHTC certified organic products certification certificate holders must abide by the AQSIQ "China Organic Products Management Measures", "Certification Certificates and Certification Marks Management Measures", "Organic Products Certification Implementation Rules" and comply with GB/T19630-2011 "Organic Products" standards and other provisions, and ensure the integrity of organic products.

3.7 Printing and management of certification marks

3.7.1 The general office shall select printing companies with relevant qualifications to print Chinese organic product marks, and establish Logo Import and Export Warehouse Account for printed marks and the issuing of signs. Submit "China Organic Product Certification Mark Monthly Use Report" to the Finance Department every month.

3.7.2 The general office shall be responsible for establishing the List of Enterprises Using and Printing Marks for the purpose of supervision and inspection of the use of signs.

3.7.3 The mark management personnel shall be responsible for uploading the mark issuing information to the relevant information system of CNCA. The issuing of the mark shall be checked by the certificate making personnel to ensure that the issuing of the certification mark shall not exceed the quantity and scope.

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