Quality policy

According to law to implement certification fair quality service adhere to people-oriented continuous improvement tree wuzhou hengtong brand

Quality objectives

To provide enterprises with fair, efficient, quality services. The annual complaint rate is no more than 2%; There should be no more than one serious mistake.

Among them, the annual complaint rate is based on the certification enterprises; Major errors refer to mistrials, misinspections and misjudgments that affect the company's conclusions.

Note: in order to ensure that CHTC quality objectives are achieved, the company establishes annual work quality objectives for implementation and assessment.

Commitment to quality

The company focuses on consumers, suppliers, Certification and Accreditation Administration, China National Accreditation Committee for Conformity Assessment, China Certification and Accreditation Association and other personnel/institutions concerned about certification.

In the certification work gemstone sincere, fair, just, objective, rigorous attitude, constantly improve, improve the internal management system, ensure the quality of certification products, establish CHTC market credibility.

The inspected party shall assist and supervise the inspectors to comply with the above requirements. If the inspectors have any violations, please complain to CHTC (Tel: 010-63180681).

Promisor: Li Guoqiu