Rights and obligations of the CHTC and the Licensed Organization

1. Certified organization

1.1 Always abide by the relevant rules of certification;

1.2 Make necessary arrangements for certification (audit), monitoring, recertification and complaint resolution. Including the review of documents, the determination of access to all areas, access to all records and access personnel;

1.3 After the approval of the certification, CHTC certification certificate and logo can be used, but the publicity of the certification results shall not damage the reputation of CHTC, and shall not be published in violation of the provisions of the certification system and is considered to be “ Misleading & throughout; Or & other Unauthorized & throughout; Speech, but not free to use the logo of CNAS;

1.4 Only make a statement on the scope of approved products/services and processes;

1.5 When the certification is suspended or revoked/cancelled, the advertising involving the certification content shall be stopped immediately and the certification certificate and the corresponding certification mark shall be returned as required (if applicable);

1.6 Certification certificate can only be used to prove that the corresponding products/parts meet specific standards or other referenced documents, and system certification cannot be used to imply that the products or services have passed the product certification approval of CHTC;

1.7 Ensure that the certification documents, marks and audit reports or any part of the audit reports are not used in a misleading way, and that the publicity of the certification in various media (such as documents, brochures, advertisements, Internet) shall meet the requirements of CHTC;

1.8 Pay relevant fees according to the contract signed by both parties;

1.9 The right to request CHTC to provide more detailed information during certification (audit) activities;

1.10 The right to appeal/complain to CHTC and its superior departments in case of objection to the impartiality, independence and scientific nature of the certification (audit).

1.11 To accept the non-routine supervision and audit arranged by CHTC at any time; The system change information such as food safety accident and treatment measures should be reported to CHTC in a timely manner.

1.12 The certification organization shall establish procedures to timely inform the certification body of the latest information of system changes, such as:

— — Major changes in the system, including legal status, operating conditions, organizational structure, organizational status or ownership change of information, organization and management change of information, premise scheme, HACCP plan change;

— — Contact information on changes of address and premises;

------ Product specific variety change;

— — The occurrence of food safety accidents and the treatment measures;

— — The loss of important technical management personnel leads to the decline of system effectiveness;

— — Information on the withdrawal and disposal of nonconforming products;

— — Changes in applicable laws and regulations;

— — The raw materials or products purchased do not meet the requirements of the certification basis;

— — Information on organic product management system, production, processing, operation status or process changes;

— — Important information about the quality and safety of organic products in production, processing and management, such as the existence of spot check by relevant departments

Serious quality and safety problems or major complaints from consumers;

— — Information on major animal and plant epidemics occurring around the production, processing and business sites of certified products;

— — The authorized organization is punished for violating relevant laws and regulations of national agricultural products and food safety management;

— — Other important information.

2 Beijing Wuzhou Hengtong Certification Co., Ltd. (CHTC)

2.1 The services of CHTC shall be open to all applicants without excessive financial or other conditions attached to the application. The provision of services shall not be conditional on the size of the applicant organization or the number of certified suppliers whether they are members of an association or society;

2.2 to apply for certification assessment organization, follow the guidelines is to be related to its function of the product/system standard or reference file requirements are given, when a specific certification programs need to explain these files, should by the relevant and fair committee or for standardization of interpretation personnel with the necessary technical ability, and issued by the certification agency;

2.3 According to the requirements of the applicant organization and the contract signed by both parties, the applicant organization shall be promptly certified (audited) in accordance with the procedures, and shall be responsible for the fairness, scientificity and validity of the certification activities;

2.4 CHTC specifies its certification requirements, conducts assessments and makes certification decisions only within the scope of approved accreditation;

2.5 after the certification shall be registered in a timely manner, issued a certification certificate, and published in the national public or designated publications;

2.6 Regularly supervise and examine the certified organizations according to the provisions;

2.7 The certification audit information shall be provided to the certification organization in time;

2.8 The basic certification information of the certified organization (such as name, address, certificate validity period, certificate status, certificate number and other information) shall be announced on the CHTC website and CNCA certification information system; The information of the certification application organization and the certification organization shall be kept confidential (including commercial, production, technical and quality certification audit information), and shall not be disclosed to a third party without the consent of the application organization and the certification organization (except as required by law);

2.9 The appeals/complaints and disputes submitted by the applicant organization and the certified organization shall be handled in a timely manner according to the provisions, and the result shall be timely notified to the other party;

2.10 for the certification organizations in violation of relevant regulations or do not pay the relevant fees according to regulations, as well as the supervision and review (including non-routing supervision and review) there was a serious is not qualified, and cannot be within the prescribed time limit for corrective and/or corrective actions, CHTC has the right to stop the organization use the certification certificate and mark (when applicable), recover the certification certificate, Notify and supervise the certified organizations to stop using organic product certification certificates and marks, temporarily seal up the corresponding batches of products with organic product certification marks in the warehouse, and report to the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the State.

2.11CHTC has the conditions to use the CNAS accreditation mark in the occasions related to the recognized certification field and business scope, and does not use the CNAS accreditation mark in all kinds of business unrelated to the recognized certification field and business scope and all kinds of publicity media for misleading publicity.